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Jim and Marsha Dixon

New! Jim and Marsha were Debbie Somjak's guests on Unfolding Hearts, a BlogTalk Radio Production.  Hear the interview! 

"We've been married twenty-five glorious and wonderful years...and fifteen lousy ones!"  So says Jim Dixon about his marriage to his wife, Marsha.  "God's Blueprint for Marriage" is a story of reconciliation and restoration.  "We were, literally, sitting down to discuss arrangements for our separation", says Marsha, "when God touched our hearts and we fell in love with each other for the first time."

What followed was an unfolding of biblical principles that took the couple through the restoration process.  Today they share those principles in seminars and workshops, pastoral counseling and, soon, in a book.

If God could save their marriage, He can save yours, or make your marriage better.   Learn more about "God's Blueprint for Marriage" as you check out this web site.



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